Rights & Responsibilities

Gympie Community Place aims to provide high quality services on a consistent basis.

As a client of any service provided by Gympie Community Place, you have the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity
  • Have access to professional and skilled workers
  • Access information about the local community and the services that maybe available to you
  • Have your personal information kept private and secure
  • View any information about yourself, held by the Centre
  • Choose what service(s) you receive from us
  • Refuse or terminate any services we provide to you
  • Give constructive feedback on the service
  • Make a complaint without fear of losing the service or suffering any recriminations
  • Have your complaints dealt with fairly and promptly

As a client of any of the services provided by Gympie Community Place, we expect you will take responsibility for:

  • The results of any decisions you make;
  • Acting in ways that respect the rights of other people and Gympie Community Place staff
  • Taking action on any agreed decisions between yourself and workers who have assisted you

We are here to help you in whatever ways we can – but we will NOT TOLERATE VIOLENT, THREATENING OR ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR at any time!!

Feedback & Complaints

We welcome any feedback, suggestions and complaints as an opportunity for us to improve our services to you and to our community. We love to hear from you about your experiences at the centre. Please provide any feedback in writing and pop it into our mailbox or post it to us at 18 Excelsior Rd, Gympie. Or alternately you could use our Facebook page to give us some feedback.

You can provide feedback, suggestions and complaints anonymously, but we might like to talk to you about it some more, so please provide your own contact details. If you do provide feedback anonymously, we would be unable to provide you with any further information about the situation.

There is no loss of service for making a complaint. If you are unhappy with something we have done, please let us know so we can be aware and we can look to improve our services in the future. We can’t know if you don’t tell us….

If you would like more information about complaints, we can provide you with a copy of our complaints policy. Just ask our staff to arrange a copy for you. Complaints are taken seriously and will be investigated by the management level of the organisation. This process can take some time but generally occurs within a 30-day period of receiving a complaint. If you have provided your contact information with your complaint, we will inform you in writing, of the outcome of the investigation.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint you can take your concerns directly to the Department of Communities. They can be contacted online or you can call them on 13 74 68