ROOM USE – Terms & Conditions 

Rules, responsibilities and other stuff……

When you book a meeting room at the Gympie Community Place, you are agreeing to use the facility within our required terms and conditions.

Being aware of our terms & conditions of room use is your responsibility. Not reading this document or failing to provide this information to responsible others in your group does not exclude you from consequences if you break the rules.

Accessing Your Room

You can only access your meeting room during the times of your booking. If you need additional time before or after your booking time, you need to extend your booking. If you access your room early or you do not vacate your room on time, additional costs will be applied. These will be charged at the applicable room rate for a minimum 1 hour room hire per occasion.

Afterhours Room Use

Afterhours room use is any room use that occurs outside of our business hours and/or when the centre is closed and not staffed. Our rooms are available 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm. Afterhours room use comes with additional responsibilities, restrictions and costs.

If you are using our rooms afterhours, additional use room conditions apply alongside these general terms & conditions. These will be provided to you with your booking confirmation. 


Alcohol is not permitted at the centre, under any circumstances.


We love animals but not everyone does…so please leave them at home. Animals are not permitted at the centre without permission from centre management. Occasionally we do have some trained therapy animals working on site, in our meeting rooms. If you have any concerns about this, you should let us know.

Air Conditioning

If you turn it on – you turn it off. Wasting electricity is bad for our environment and our power bill.  Our hallways and common areas are not air conditioned, so please keep your door closed if you are using the air conditioners in your room. And if you are not sure how to use them, please ask. If you leave our air conditioners running, we will charge you a $50 electricity contribution fee.


We expect all people using the meeting rooms to conduct themselves appropriately and be considerate of all other room users, always. Please be mindful of your noise levels.

Business Hours

Our business or reception hours are Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm and Friday 9am to 12pm. Meeting rooms are available from 8.30am on weekdays. If your room use finishes after reception closes you will be required to lock up.

Cancellations or Changes to Bookings

You can change or cancel you booking without any cost, with a minimum of one-week (5 working days) notice. Bookings changed or cancelled inside this period will be charged 50% of the original booking cost. Non-attendance or a failure to cancel any booking will result in full fees being charged. 

If you make frequent changes to your room bookings, we may choose to apply a $20 administration fee.


Children are most welcome at the centre, but their safety is your responsibility. Please ensure children are properly supervised at all times.

Cleaning Up

We expect you to clean up after yourself. We provide some basic cleaning equipment and products which you will find in the kitchen, if you need to do some cleaning.  If we must clean up after you – we will charge you a minimum $30 cleaning fee.

Damages or Issues

If there is something amiss in your room or in the common areas – please let our staff know so we can fix it.

Emergency Procedures – Housekeeping

It is your responsibility to provide information on facilities and emergency procedures to your attendees. We recommend that you do this at the onset of every room use session. Clear evacuation plans and instructions are on display throughout the centre, including the location of emergency exits, fire extinguishers and first aid kits, and evacuation points. If you have any questions or require more information about emergency procedures, please speak to our staff.


You do not require public liability insurance to use our meeting rooms. The centre has insurance that applies coverage to all permitted room use, within these terms and conditions, by approved room users only.

Kitchen Use

The meeting room kitchen is a shared or common space for the use of all room users. There is no cooking allowed in this catering kitchen. The kitchen is stocked with basic crockery and cutlery, boiled & chilled water, large fridge and a small microwave for your use. Consumables are not provided (tea, coffee, milk etc.) so please bring your own supplies. You are required to clean up after yourself so please ensure you clean and put away any items you have used. Do not leave your food or drinks behind – take them home with you or we will throw them out.

If you are a regular room user and you are leaving items in the kitchen or fridge, you must ensure they are clearly labelled with your name and stored neatly.

Locking Up

If your room booking time ends after 4pm on Monday to Thursday or after 12 midday on Friday, you will be required to lock up when you leave. You must see staff at reception for our simple lock up instructions, before your room booking starts. Failure to lock up properly is a serious breach of our room use terms and conditions and it will impact your future room use.

Loan Equipment

We may be able to provide use of a data projector or TV/DVD to support your room use. This equipment must be reserved……so if you need it, talk to our staff and book it. *Please note that loan equipment is only available during business hours.


We are not a post office. Please do not use the centre address for any group mail. We will return it.


We do not have EFTPOS or credit card facilities. You can pay by cash, cheque or electronic payment. We can provide monthly accounts for regular users. Payment terms and requirements will have been discussed with you at the time of booking. These details have been provided back to you, in your room booking confirmation. Some room use requires prepayment. If you are required to prepay and have done so by electronic payment, then you must provide proof of payment before you can use the room. This is your responsibility. No payment, no use.

Permitted Room Use

Room use is permitted for meetings, forums, group discussions, workshop or training events, and other similar type room use. Room use is permitted for therapy, counselling, social & support groups, social activities and general service provision.

Room use is not permitted for parties, live music or any loud, noisy activities. Room use is not permitted for sporting activities, cooking, retail sales or sleepover activities.

Room Set Up & Pack Up

Large meeting rooms are not furnished because there are so many ways to use them. Tables and chairs are in the storage area at the rear of the room for you to set up for your needs. If you would like your room to be set up (and packed up) for you, this can be arranged. Costs do apply and a booking is required – so please speak to our staff about your needs. *Please note that room set up by us is not available outside of business hours.

 Please leave rooms as you found them at the onset of your use. If you move furniture, please put it back. If we must pack up or reset your room, we will charge you a $20 fee.


Smoking is only permitted in the allocated smoking area in the carpark. Smoking is not permitted inside the buildings, on verandas, near doorways or in the gardens.


There is some occasional, limited storage available at the centre for regular room users. We occasionally have some storage lockers available for hire. Please speak to staff about your storage needs to see if we can help. We are not responsible for the safety of any items or belongings you leave or store at the centre, at any time.

Tea & Coffee

A Tea & Coffee Service is available for large meeting room use, for just $3 per person, per day. We provide a variety of teas, coffee, sugar & milk and this will be set up in your room for you. We will clean up afterwards as well. This must be booked in advance so speak to staff if you would like to use this service with your room booking. *Please note that this service is not available outside of business hours.


We do have free WiFi access for room users – but please be aware that this is not always reliable. It can be affected by the weather, the number of people using the WiFi at any one time, and a host of other things. It is not suitable for larger group use. The WiFi password can be collected from reception.


What If Things Go Wrong?

Being aware of our requirements of room use is your responsibility.  And there are consequences for breaking the rules……

It is most likely you may be given a written warning in the first instance. But if we need to talk to you about breaching our room use terms & conditions a second time, we will apply any monetary fines that apply, and you will be given a final warning.

 We don’t ask 3 times so if you continue to find doing the “right thing” too difficult, we will cancel any current bookings effective immediately and refuse you any future room use.

Afterhours Users 

Allowing use of our centre after hours is a privilege, and a gift of trust. We are trusting you to look after things when we are not on site. 

You should take this responsibility very seriously. Breaching the after-hours room use terms & conditions will likely result in the cancellation of your after-hours room bookings and refusal of any future after-hours room use for your group.