Room Use – Room Bookings

Bookings are required for all room use. Our rooms are very popular and often booked well in advance. Bookings are dependent on room availability and we recommend that you book early to secure your space. 

Please note that we do not take ‘tentative’ bookings or “hold” rooms. We do have a generous cancellation policy. See our room use terms & conditions information for our cancellation requirements.

We do not have an ‘online’ booking option available. We cannot make bookings by email.

To make a room booking, please contact the centre by phone on 5482 1147.

For a room booking we will need you to provide the following information:

  • Details including date/dates, start & finish time, frequency of use etc. for the booking
  • Group size
  • Any usage requirements including access, additional room services and/or any special needs
  • The full contact details of the booking ‘contact’ person who will be responsible for the room booking and room use
  • Contact details for a secondary contact (this may be an admin or payments person, a group facilitator etc)

When you have made a booking, the full details of your booking will be provided to you in an email confirmation from us.


Room Use – Payment

We do not have EFTPOS or credit card facilities at the centre. You cannot use a card (in person or over the phone) to pay for your room use!

We will discuss our payment requirements with you when you make your room booking and these arrangements will be confirmed in your booking confirmation.. 


If your room use is occasional or ‘one-off’, you will be required to pay before you use the room. You can pay by cash, cheque on the day of use,  or you can pay by electronic payment, in advance. For an electronic payment, we would email you an invoice. Please note that we require a minimum period of 14 days (prior to your room use) for the processing of an invoice. If there is less than 14 days until your room use – you will need to pay cash or cheque on the day.

Prepayment is your responsibility. You will need to provide proof of payment if you have made an electronic payment on receipt of our invoice. 

No payment – no use.


For regular, frequent room use or room users well known to the centre – we are happy to provide an account. All accounts will be invoiced for electronic payment after the end of each calendar month. 

Accounts must be paid within 14 days of receipt of invoice. If there is an issue with your ability to pay, please speak to our Admin staff to discuss options.

Failure to pay accounts will result in cancellation of any current room bookings and may result in refusal of future room use.

Please note that Gympie Community Place does not enter into complex or detailed supplier or vendor type agreements for payment. 

Cancellations & Refunds

If you have cancelled your room booking within our cancellation notice requirements and you have prepaid for your use – you will receive a full refund.