Advocacy Support 

 Advocacy support is another way in which we may be able to help you. These are all free services and do not cost anything.

Advocacy support is dependent on your needs and the availability of staff and resources. Immediate assistance may not able to be provided and an appointment may be required. Please speak to our reception staff about what you need, so we can determine how and when we can help.

Advocacy support includes:

Document Support

We can provide assistance with:

  • Photocopying documents  
  • Faxing documents 
  • Scanning documents to PDF 
  • Printing up documents for you,  from a USB or from email
  • Printing off forms from websites

Some limitations do apply to the number of pages we can photocopy, fax or scan for you. Staff can give you more information about this.

Information & Technology Support

We can provide assistance with:

  • Accessing online information – use our public use computer yourself or if you need some help, we may be able to do some brief online tasks for you.
  • Contacting services – use our public use computer or telephone to contact services
  • You can use our WiFi to access data on your mobile phone or tablet

More information about our public use computer & telephone can be found in the “Need Help” section of this website.

Personal Support

Gympie Community Place can provide some limited and basic shower & laundry facilities. The disability bathroom incorporates a toilet and shower and provides full disability access. We have a small washing machine & a clothes dryer in a very small laundry cupboard. 

There is no drop in service available. These facilities are only accessible by prior arrangement with the centre. These facilities are located in our main building with our meeting rooms. This is a very high traffic area and these facilities are located in access hallways. We will need to find a time for your use, that offers you some privacy and does not impact our meeting room users. 

We do not provide toiletries, towels, washing powder or laundry baskets. If you are using these facilities you will need to bring your own items. And you will need to leave the area clean after your use.

Please contact the centre and speak to staff about your needs and a suitable time for use.

Personal Advocacy

Gympie Community Place may be able to provide some limited personal advocacy support, dependent on your needs. Personal advocacy support may include:

  • reading a document, letter or other written material for you or to you
  • helping you complete a basic form or simple document
  • contacting or communicating with another services on your behalf, at your request 
  • typing up a brief, handwritten document or letter for you

Personal advocacy is by appointment only and dependent on staff availability. Please be aware that we only have a very small team of staff and a very busy centre. Staff will find a time to assist you if we can, when we can – but immediate assistance is highly unlikely to be available. 

If we are speaking to others on your behalf, we will need you to complete a consent form for us to do this.

We cannot complete legal forms or documents. 

If you are experiencing multiple and/or more complex issues and need support, we may be able to assist you through our social work Community Connect Program.  You will find more information about Community Connect  on our Programs & Projects page.