Local Level Alliance (LLA)


In 2016, Act for Kids and Gympie Community Place formalised a partnership to deliver the Local Level Alliance in the Gympie region together with the Queensland government, Department of Child Safety.

 The Local Level Alliance brings together key stakeholders and the broader community to build community capacity and improve outcomes for children and families in the Gympie Region.  We recognise that no single agency, organisation or department can overcome a complex social issue alone. We use a Collective Impact approach to deliver the LLA, bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders to work together to respond to complex social issues.

The Gympie Local Level Alliance is committed to improving outcomes for children in the Gympie Region. We are partnering with community members, government departments and services to develop whole-of-community and place-based responses so that every child in our community can receive the support and care through each stage of childhood.  

    • We will use a Collective Impact approach
    • We will make decisions and track changes based on the best available research and the strongest evidence about what works
    • Relationships matter. People matter.
    • We will work together. Where collaborations or groups don’t exist we will establish new working groups.
    • We will we ask, ‘Whose voice do we need to hear?’ And we will listen.
    • We’ll put the community at the centre.

The Gympie Local Level Alliance has its own website.

Events and activities being conducted by LLA and the working groups involved will be promoted on the What’s On section of this website.