TICKING BOXES – Forms Assistance Service  

Do you need some help with forms?

If you are having trouble with completing a form or similar type of paperwork……we may be able to help you. Ticking Boxes is advocacy support service provided by volunteers with professional knowledge and skills in completing forms and navigating systems.

We can definitely assist with the following forms:

  • Legal Aid Queensland – Application for Legal Aid
  • Department of Housing – Application for Housing
  • Department of Housing – Bond Loan & Rental Grant Applications
  • Centrelink – Application for Disability Support Pension (DSP)

If you have a different type of form you need help with, please ask us about it. We cannot assist with everything but we will help if we can….

How do I get assistance?

This service is available for anyone who needs some assistance with forms or paperwork. This is a free service provided by Gympie Community Place. The assistance is provided by volunteers in a private consultation in a weekly clinic held at the centre. To enquire about the service or to make an appointment, please call the centre on 5482 1147.

Form assistance services are provided by appointment only.  Appointments are limited and you may have a wait for a period for assistance. Depending on your circumstances you may need more than one appointment.

We can provide:

  • Assistance with completing common forms, primarily those listed above
  • Information about what you require to complete & lodge your form or application
  • Photocopying, faxing and scanning of documents
  • A copy of your paperwork for your records
  • General witnessing of a signature
  • Assistance to create your My Gov account if you don’t have one

We cannot provide:

  • immediate, urgent or “drop in” assistance
  • legal or specialist advice
  • certified witnessing of documents
  • a copy of your application and/or forms after your appointment, as we do not hold or keep this information for you

 We have no influence with any agencies or service providers and we cannot influence or guarantee the outcome of your application.

It is your responsibility to:

  • make sure you have provided truthful & accurate information through this process
  • provide any supportive documentation needed to complete & lodge the paperwork
  • lodge your paperwork or application
  • keep your own copies or records of your paperwork and your lodgement