Money Matters –  Financial Support Service

Gympie Community Place provides some limited financial support through our Money Matters Program. The aim of this service is to provide one off, financial assistance to people that are experiencing financial hardship or crisis.

We may be able to help with costs such as:

  • Rent or accommodation 
  • Utility bills such as electricity, gas, telephone and water
  • Vehicle costs or transport 
  • Medical costs
  • Material goods including school supplies

We cannot provide: 

  • food, food vouchers or food parcels
  • repayments for loans, fines, credit cards or debt collectors
  • hire or hire purchase costs of rental products
  • payment of insurances or private medical costs
  • non essential items such as Foxtel or internet costs  
  • car registration payments on unregistered or off the road vehicles

We do not provide cash. Our assistance is provided mainly by cheque payment, but may also be provided by gift card, certificate or voucher.

Am I Eligible for Assistance?

You must be experiencing a genuine financial crisis or hardship.  You may be asked to prove these circumstances.

You must reside in the Gympie area and be over 25 years of age. If you are under 25 we can give you contact information for the service that provides emergency relief support for youth.

You cannot use this service regularly. This service provides ‘one off’ assistance which is usually significant. But this means that we do not see people regularly. If you have seen us for help in the recent past, it is unlikely we will be able to assist you again. This can be dependant on your individual circumstances, so if you need help, you can check your eligibility for assistance with us directly.

How do I get Assistance?                                                                                               

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  Money Matters financial support is available by appointment only. There is no “drop in” or immediate assistance available. We cannot assist you without an appointment. When funding is available, the service hosts a weekly clinic which provides a limited number of appointments. Gympie Community Place is not a crisis service and priority assistance is not available. There may be a wait period for an appointment.

BY REFERRAL ONLY This means that appointments are only made by acceptance of an appropriate referral.                                                                                   

We will accept referrals as detailed below:

  • Self Referral – You can self refer at any time. Just pop inot the centre or give us a call on 5482 1147 and put your name on the Money Matters – call back list.
  • Support Worker Referral – if you have a social worker, counsellor, therapist or other type of support worker who is actively assisting or supporting you in some capacity, they can make a referral for you.
  • Centrelink Referral – If you are receiving a Centrelink income support payment, you can seek assistance from a Centrelink Social Worker. They can make a referral for you.  

You cannot make a referral by sending an email – so please give us a call on 5482 1147, or drop into the centre.

Our staff will take your contact details and the Money Matters worker will get back to you when they can. This worker is not available every day and makes call backs 2-3 times each week. PLease ensure you are contactable…..

Your referral will be assessed and if we can help, an appointment will be made for you. You will be informed of your appointment details and be informed of what supportive evidence you will need to bring to the appointment with you.

Supportive Evidence

When you come to your appointment you will be required to bring supportive evidence with you. Supportive evidence are documents that confirm your details and your circumstances. 

Common forms of supportive evidence we will request are:

  • Centrelink income statement, current payslips and/or bank statements showing your income
  • a copy of your original bill (telephone, gas, electricity etc.)
  • a copy of your current lease agreement  (for all rental payments)
  • Written quotes for services, repairs or goods

We may also request other documents that support or confirm your crisis circumstances. 

You must bring the supportive evidence we have requested to your appointment with you.

Your supportive evidence MUST be in paper form – not on your smart phone or other devices.

If you do not have what we need on the day of your appointment, we will have to reschedule your appointment.

Can’t Make Your Appointment?

Be sure that you let us know if you can’t make your appointment by calling the centre on 54821147. We are happy to reschedule if you need to make changes.

These appointments and this assistance is highly sought after. You should be aware that:

  • We can only reschedule your appointment on two occasions
  • If you fail to attend your appointment and do not contact us, your referral application will be cancelled


This service is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services, and the Queensland Government Department of Communities, Housing & Digital Economy.

This service is also supported by