About Us

Our Vision

Community happens when people are connected.

Our Mission

We provide a welcoming space for people to connect to each other, to connect to information and services, and to connect to community.

Organisational Values

What we believe in…

  • Integrity – We will do the right thing, the right way. We are genuine, honest and honourable in our dealings.
  • Respect– We will value the feelings, wishes and rights of others. We are considerate, courteous and kind.
  • Caring– We believe that community means caring for people. We practise compassion, empathy and understanding.
  • Diversity– We are all people and we all belong here. We embrace differences and value uniqueness.
  • Teamwork– We are all in this together and together we can! We practise collaboration, not competition.
  • Accountability– We are responsible for our actions and behaviours. We have a strong commitment to transparency. 


Our Code of Conduct

All persons working at the centre must:

  • Support the mission and vision statements, the values and objectives of the service
  • Conduct themselves within organisational policy and procedure guidelines
  • Ensure their role is performed with integrity, honesty and professionalism
  • Maintain privacy & confidentiality to the highest level
  • Ensure that client’s rights are met within the responsibilities of the service
  • Treat all persons with respect

The Objects of The Association

  • To work towards the positive growth and development of our community
  • To provide information, activities and services that increase the capacity, resilience and wellbeing of our community
  • To provide a welcoming and accessible meeting place for community activities
  • To work proactively and collaboratively with others to deliver flexible, responsive and holistic services
  • To always function ethically and sustainable
  • To contribute to the relief of poverty, sickness and other adversity, and to promote the wellbeing of individuals, groups and communities who are disadvantaged and vulnerable
  • To undertake or carry out any other charitable work or purpose